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Privacy Information Usage

User information is used to improve our site is to make use of the visitor’s feedback on our news and update. To improve our customer service as we would use any feedback from the Users, that we deem beneficial to our site. To send subscription or letter to the User’s email to let them know the latest articles, events or invites uploaded in our site. Hence, in order to submit a form or fill a survey, we require the Users name and email address. Users decision to submit their information to us voluntarily or not is still duly respected.

Cookies Disclaimer

With cookies designed to protect user privacy, this it to notify that we would are to store or retrieve information from the Users that access our site. Prior to the EU Directive Cookie Law, we are to require Users to comply. However, the directive already allowed Users to tweak their browser to refuse to use cookies. If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. That is, their online privacy will be reduced. Letting your browser refuse cookies may lead to some parts of the Site to not function properly. Gage Report is not liable for the cookies from our ad providers or third party websites.

Third Party Websites

Gage Report isn’t responsible for any linked third party websites in our articles. Be it cookies or ads from our sponsors, partners or advertisers, the Site doesn’t control whatever content or links that appear upon clicking the linked third party websites. Each third party websites is subjected to their own Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy.

User Safety

We do not tolerate Users who threat or cuss other visitors who only state their opinions on the topics at hand. Though, we advise visitors to engage with each other through plausible and logical debates.

Children’s Information

As safety of the children comes first, we at Chocolacious advice parents to spend their time with their children. Since we post online discussions and various news from around the world, there are articles that may not be advisable for children under 13 year of age.


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