Welcome to chocolacious.com, our aim is to help you discover the chocolates with the right packaging for your special event needs and, We have created this agreement carefully to protect both buyer and seller from any form of misunderstanding and, by purchasing our product you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


Wholly Owned by:
d/b/a Chocolacious is a brand name that owned and operated by QCE GLOBAL GROUP INC from the Delaware state in the United States.


Our chocolate gift box is not for everyone especially, and We are not a chocolate shop so if your intention is just to buy chocolates for a lower price we suggest you to read our terms and conditions and understand it fully before your purchase. It takes 2 Hours and 4 Minutes to organize and pack 1 gift box by our professionals and each of our gift box packages such as Gift Box, Aluminum foil, Bubble wrap, PE foam, Ice pack and other materials alone cost us a minimum RM 24.85 So, our chocolates box exclusively for someone who understands the value of time and energy that they need to spend in order for them to pack a gift box with premium imported chocolates with a unique flavor and overall It’s going to give you a whole new experience in taste, surprise, and happiness by discovering the best chocolates from the dozens of choices you have with your personalized designs, wish and name on it to you and your loved one doors.


Please review our Privacy Statement, which helps you to understand our privacy practices. The link to the privacy policy page is available at the footer of every page.


Product pictures are for illustration purpose only and, Ingredient, size, color, shape of the product solely by the vendor who create that chocolates and Customer should reach out the vendor to get more details on the availability.


All contents such as text, logos, designs, product pictures, icons, and graphics are the property of chocolacious.com, Strictly not allowed our boxes to be white labeled, All our orders brand name and the contact details remain unchanged during the ordinary order shipment or bulk orders or drop shipping orders.


Our chocolate boxes come with minimum 6 or more of individual packs of bubble wrapped package and 99% of time all our chocolates that we have showing in the pictures are in stock and in case of unavailability we reserve rights to change the chocolates size, flavor, brand, shape and color within the similar price range.


By purchasing our product through any of the distribution network or marketplace that we have partnered to market our product, You agree to their terms and conditions and you understand that we have limitations by having a middle man as we have to follow their rules and regulations as well.
By purchasing our product you are agreeing to Customs clearance formalities that should be fulfilled in accordance with the state or country’s laws, regulations and rules when we transshipment your box.



If your order shipping from any of the Tax Free Zone, Each order should be placed as unique and it cannot be combined. Our shipping cost minimum $9.95 as minimum include the customs Duty 15%, Sales and Service Tax 10% Packaging, Handling and Shipping Charges.


After placing your order it’s our buyer responsibility to provide a name and wishes that they want to be printed on the box, In case of failure to provide a name we will print Greetings instead of Dear Name and, in the end we will add sender name as From: Full Name Also, we will print the Wishes that we have presented in the sales page presentation.

All our chocolates are comes with approximately 2 weeks to six months of best before date.


We are not responsible for any of the following certifications: USDA Organic, FAIR TRADE, EUROPEAN UNION, HALAL, NON GMO, Etc…. Buyer should reach out to the vendor to get more details on this availability.


Please review our other policies that privacy policy and we reserve rights to make changes in our site, product selection, privacy policies, and the terms and conditions at any time.


We guarantee same day shipping on your orders within a box size is Length 30.5cm Height 15.2cm Width 22.8cm and, the Same day shipping are available for the order that received before 8 a.m. during the business day on a general package and, there will be shipping charges based on the volumetric size.
You will receive your tracking number within 1 Business Day And tracking numbers updates on our logistic partner system will be varies that depends on many factors But, In many cases you will see the update within 24 to 48 hours.
We have no control over public holiday so during this period the chances of delay in shipment will be higher.


Our Logistic partner is Poslaju, Gdex, EMS, TNT, and our 3PL partners. We guarantee that your package will arrive within 3 business days but, There are other factors that could cause delay and Customer should reach out their package delivery service provider to get more details on their delivery.
We do not provide a refund or free re-shipment for any failure attempted to deliver your item on whatever the circumstances. As we have no control over the re-attempt request to the shipping providers so, we urge the receiver to visit the nearest branch and collect the gift boxes within 5 business days. In failure to collect the item the item will be delivered to us and we will resend one more time, and the buyer is responsible for this additional shipping cost.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide the accurate name and delivery address and, any incomplete details chocolacious.com does not guarantee shipments.


Return Must be made within 5 business days and, without damaging the boxes. RMA must the requested before returning the box and, there will be 15% will be charged and the refund is acceptable in general package, any occasion and customized packages are not allowed to return or refunds after the shipping procedure.


We understand that fact that chocolate can be damaged by heat therefore, we pack them carefully but, during the shipment, there is a possibility of heat damages by the hot weather and, inside the box, we have mentioned to Consume the chocolates after a minimum of 30 minutes of the storage in the fridge or refrigerator.


All our staff have the right not to be subjected to any behavior/abuse that includes: Threats of physical harm or violence, Inappropriate language, religious, cultural or racial insults or other derogatory remarks in results our legal team will take severe Legal action against the abuser.


Damaging our product/business/brand name for personal gain/interest is an illegal attempt under the jurisdiction of courts and, any sabotage attempt that prevents our work from getting done is a criminal offence and will force us to take legal action against the abuser.


For any reason, if you want to cancel your order, you must reach out before 1 hour of your order placed time in order for us to proceed the cancellation on your favor. We understand one of the reasons our customer buying chocolate with us for the packaging but, the delivery was handled by courier service which is out of our control so, for any reason if you’re unhappy with the general chocolate box then please return the box to our address and while you sending please attach a letter with explaining the issue and including your contacts after receiving the item we will investigate the issue and proceed 100% refund back to you within 14 business days. At any moment if we believe we cannot fulfill your order, We reserve rights to cancel your order and, refund the payment you made with or without a reason.
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